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Asset Renewal

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Short Form Tenders (SFT)

Public Tenders (PT)
      PT18-02 Flooring & Painting in Common Areas

Service Contracts (ST)
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Bidding Qualifications

General Conditions
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Bidding Qualifications - Introduction


Provide evidence of compliance and subcontractors’ compliance, at any time during the term of the Contract, when requested by the Owner or Consultant.

All work shall be done by a recognized established Contractor having a minimum of five(5) years of proven satisfactory experience. This contractor shall employ only skilled mechanics or installers who have been thoroughly trained or competent in carrying out the work specified in the contract. The final determination of any person(s) deemed to be incompetent will be made by CityHousing Hamilton Corporation. Any such person(s) will be removed from site at no additional cost to CityHousing Hamilton Corporation.

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

Provide evidence of compliance with the requirements of the Province regarding workplace safety and insurance including payments due thereunder, prior to commencing the work and prior to receiving payment on Substantial and Total Performance of the Work.


The Contractor shall keep in force for the duration of the Contract, Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance in an amount not less than $2,000,000. Without limiting the foregoing, such Insurance Coverage shall include Comprehensive General Liability, Contractual Liability, Personal Injury, and Contingent Liability with respect to Subcontractors.


The City Trade Licence By-Law requires every person engaged, occupied, or retained in the region area to carry out work in each of the trades if building repair, drain repair, electrical, plumbing, heating, air-conditioning or ventilation to apply for and obtain annually, a licence pursuant to this by-law.


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Public and Invitational Tenders

Short Form Tenders