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Frequently asked questions, and answers - RGI

CityHousing Hamilton is governed by the Social Housing Reform Act 2000 and the accompanying Ontario Regulations. Click The Ontario Regulations set out rules that must be followed in order for a tenant to receive a rent subsidy. A 30-day rule applies for reporting income changes or household status changes, in writing.
If my income changes and I fail to report the change what will happen?
You have just 30 days to return your annual renewal package and to report the following changes:
  • household income changes
  • you have a baby
  • a member of your household moves out
  • citizenship status changes
Failure to report any of these changes will result in the loss of your subsidy and you will be required to pay market rent.
If I miss the deadline for returning my completed annual income verification, can I still do it later?
If you miss the deadline, late annual income verification will no longer be backdated. Failure to return the information will affect your continued eligibility and you will lose your subsidy. You will have the opportunity to appeal this decision. Once your subsidy is lost you can re-apply for subsidy under the market to RGI policy. Subsidy would be re-instated when you reach the top of the Market-RGI waiting list, which could take a considerable length of time.
Is the loss of my rent-geared-to-income subsidy decision final? Do I have any recourse?
Tenants can request an appeal of this decision if they believe: That the rent-geared-to-income decision was based on wrong information; That the rent has been calculated incorrectly; That the rent-geared-to-income subsidy denial is unfair; That they have been requested to move because they were deemed to be overhoused.
Is there a timeframe to request a review?
Tenants have 10 business days from the date they were advised of the decision to request a review in writing. The appeal committee must complete their review within 10 business days of receipt of the tenant's request for an appeal.
If I have no income, what proof is required?
In order to continue to be eligible for RGI assistance, tenants are required to pursue income from the following sources: Basic financial assistance under the Ontario Works Act, 1997; Support under the Divorce Act (child support); Benefits under the Employment Insurance Act; Any pension an individual who is 65 year of age or older is entitled to receive (Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, Canada Pension); Support or maintenance from immigration sponsorship. You have 30 days to provide proof you have made reasonable efforts to pursue any of the above incomes. Failure to do so you would result in loss of your subsidy and the rent would increase to the market rent.
If I pay market rent and my income is reduced, will my rent be adjusted?
If you require subsidy, an application for Market-RGI must be submitted and, if eligible, you will be placed on the Market-RGI waiting list. Only after reaching the top of the Market-RGI waiting list will your subsidy be reinstated