Table of Contents


      Housing Support Programs

Tenant/Resident Handbook 2017

Policies & Procedures
      Rent Payment
      *Pre-Authorized Payment Plan
      Eviction Prevention Policy

      Seasonal Decorations
      Tenant Swimming Pool
      Guest Policy
Safety & Security Plan

Housing Matters News

Applicant/Tenant Responsibilities
      Maintenance Reporting

      Legal Clinics
      HRDC - Gov't of Ont
       HRDC - Job Bank
      Ontario Works - Hamilton
      Ontaio Works - Gon't of Ont
      Links to Other Resources
      FOI - Access/Correction

Question and Answers
      Rent Geared To Income

 CityHousing Hamilton Tenant/Resident Handbook 2017

Click this link to download the pdf version of the Tenant/Resident Handbook. (approx 12MB)