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Asset Renewal

   Open Public Tenders

Short Form Tenders (SFT)

Public Tenders (PT)
      PT18-02 Flooring & Painting in Common Areas

Service Contracts (ST)
Examples of Asset Renewal Work
How Do I Bid
Bidding Qualifications

General Conditions
   Public and Invitational Tenders
   Short Form Tenders

How Do I Bid?

All Public Tenders (PT) will be posted on this website and advertised on Biddingo.

A non-refundable fee for the purchase of a tender package is required as stipulated in the advertisement.

Short Form Tenders (SFT) will be posted on this website ONLY. (No fee required)

Tenders can be purchased at the Asset Renewal Department at:

55 Hess Street South,23rd Floor, Hamilton, Ontario

and on

All contractors wishing to submit a bid on a Tender will be required to submit bid security in the amount of 10% of their tender price at time of bid. (as stipulated in the advertisement)