Table of Contents
Asset Renewal

   Open Public Tenders

Public Tenders (PT)
      PT18-07 Shingle Roofing at Various Properties
      PT18-05 Asphalt Parking Lot
Request For Proposals (RFP)
      RFP18-13SHAIP - Investg. Windows/Balcony Doors

Service Contracts (ST)
Examples of Asset Renewal Work
How Do I Bid
Bidding Qualifications

How Do I Bid?

All Public Tenders (PT) will be posted on this website and advertised on Biddingo.

A non-refundable fee for the purchase of a tender package is required as stipulated in the advertisement.

Tenders can be purchased at the Asset Renewal Department at:

55 Hess Street South,23rd Floor, Hamilton, Ontario

and on

All contractors wishing to submit a bid on a Tender will be required to submit bid security in the amount of 10% of their tender price at time of bid. (as stipulated in the advertisement)