Table of Contents
Asset Renewal

   RFP 17-12 Domestic Hot Water Tanks
   PT17-08 Replacement of Make-Up Air Units
   PT 17-10 Replacement of Domestic Piping
   RFP 17-26 Water Testing Masonry Clad Penthouse
   RFP 17-25 Investigation Concrete Balcony Canopies
   PT 17-09 Replacement of Make-Up Air Units
   SFT 17-14 to SFT 17-19 Tree Removal
   RFP17-27 Domestic Cold Water Booster Pumps
   PT 17-12 Foundation Waterproofing/Repairs
   PT 17-11 LED Lighting Retrofit
   PT 17-15 Rooftop Walkway System
   RFP17-28 Investigation of Building Envelope
   PT17-17 Replacement of Furnaces
   PT17-18 Replacement of Furnaces
   PT17-16 Security Services
   PT17-14 Replacement of Backyard Fencing
   PT17-19 DHW Boilers and Tank Replacement
Examples of Asset Renewal Work
How Do I Bid
Bidding Qualifications

General Conditions
   Public and Invitational Tenders
   Short Form Tenders

 To receive approval of severance (consent)


# 17-01
RFP Number: 17- 01 Closing Date: June 19, 2017
Provide all documentation
To receive approval of severance (consent)
For identified owned properties by the corporation
Please contact:  Mr. Vimal Sarin 
905-546-2424  Ext. 7412