Table of Contents
Asset Renewal

   RFP 17-12 Domestic Hot Water Tanks
   PT17-08 Replacement of Make-Up Air Units
   PT 17-10 Replacement of Domestic Piping
   RFP 17-26 Water Testing Masonry Clad Penthouse
   RFP 17-25 Investigation Concrete Balcony Canopies
   PT 17-09 Replacement of Make-Up Air Units
   SFT 17-14 to SFT 17-19 Tree Removal
   RFP17-27 Domestic Cold Water Booster Pumps
   PT 17-12 Foundation Waterproofing/Repairs
   PT 17-11 LED Lighting Retrofit
   PT 17-15 Rooftop Walkway System
   RFP17-28 Investigation of Building Envelope
   PT17-17 Replacement of Furnaces
   PT17-18 Replacement of Furnaces
   PT17-16 Security Services
   PT17-14 Replacement of Backyard Fencing
   PT17-19 DHW Boilers and Tank Replacement
Examples of Asset Renewal Work
How Do I Bid
Bidding Qualifications

General Conditions
   Public and Invitational Tenders
   Short Form Tenders

Welcome to Asset Renewal

Purpose of the Asset Renewal Department

The Asset Renewal Department administers all Construction Contracts (Tenders/RFP), New construction and acts as a technical information resource for the Corporation. The day to day maintenance of our units (general repairs and upkeep) is the responsibility of the Operations Department.

The Asset Renewal Department is responsible for the building infrastructure improvements and preventative maintenance contracts. Our Department ensures that the most cost effective programs and methods are implemented in order to maintain and conserve all the physical assets for CityHousing Hamilton Corporation. Asset Renewal Department costs include expenditures required to maintain a building and future improvements of major building systems.

Contact Information (905) 546-2424
    eMail Phone
  Manager Asset Renewal   Ext.
  Bernice Lilley 3745
  Nancy Pell, Administrative Coordinator   7315
  Contract Administrators   Ext.
  Fred Elbe 7316
  Brian Lodewyks 7889
  Scott Mooney 5419
  Trevor Vandervelde 4908
  Julia Furii (Acting) 5016
  Kaywana Gargarello (Acting) 4908
  Energy Project Manager   Ext.
  Chris Shilton 6261
  Manager Technical Services   Ext.
  Vimal Sarin 7412