Board of Directors

CityHousing Hamilton is governed by a Board of Directors. The majority of the Nine-member Board is comprised of City Councillors.  The remaining members are drawn from the community, bringing a variety of experience and perspectives.

Our Board Members:

  Ward 9 Councillor Doug Conley (905) 546-2703
  Ward 2 Councillor Jason Farr (905) 546-2711

Ward 5 Councillor Chad Collins, President (905) 546-2716
  Ward 6 Councillor Tom Jackson (905) 546-2707
  Ward 3 Councillor Matthew Green, Treasurer/VP (905) 546-2702
  Ms. Jacqueline Aird  Citizen Member  
  Mr. Carmine Filice Citizen Member  
  Mr. Tony C. Lemma Citizen Member  
  Ms. Patricia Reid Citizen Member