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August 12, 2014


Dear Tenant,


As of February 1st, if you have bed bugs please call CityHousing Hamilton at 905-546-2121. Please note that this is a new phone number.


The CityHousing Hamilton staff will dispatch a contractor who will treat your unit for bed bugs.



Please post this on your refrigerator for future reference.


To report BED BUGS call 905-546-2121

Office Hours are: Monday to Friday

8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.





24 hours notice is needed to reschedule appointments


If you are not available at the scheduled time to let the Contractor into your home, Please call the Contractor or CityHousing Hamilton to reschedule the appointment.


 YouTube Videos concerning the ongoing efforts to help erradicate Bed Bugs.

CityHousing Hamilton Bed Bug Help Vidoes
City of Hamilton Bed Bug intro InsideCityofHamilton - Bed Bug Video/watch
Bed Bug Laundry video Bed Bug Laundry video
Used Furniture video Used Furniture video
Protect your bed video Protect your bed video
Hard to Treat items video Hard to Treat items video
How to Prep video How to Prep video

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