Date:              THURSDAY, June 19th, 2008
Time:             12:00 Noon (Lunch provided)
Place:            Central Library, Wentworth Room
                        55 York Blvd
Please note change of location 
A G E N D A:
1)     Call to Order

2)     Conflict of Interest Declaration
3)     Confirmation of Minutes of Meeting held April 17th, 2008
4)     Unfinished Business
5)     Finance                                                                            
a)   April 30, 2008 Monthly Financial Report: CHH (Report #08019)
6)     Real Estate / Capital Works / Property Management
a)   Capital Works Summary for CHH(Report #08017)
b) Bed Bug Issues within CHH(Report #08018)
c)   Re-Investment Strategy for Proceeds as of the sale of CHH assets –          Singles and Semis(Report #08020)
d) Terms of Reference(Report #08016)
7)   Other Business
a)     Update on Tenant Consultation Activities (verbal)
b)     Update on Tenant Handbook and Survey (verbal)
c)     Update on Oriole Crescent/McQuesten Community (verbal)
d)     Update on visit from Swedish Housing Authority (verbal)
e)     Update on Comprehensive Operational Review (verbal)
f)       801 Upper Gage (verbal)
g)     Institute of Housing Management (IHM) President announcement                                                                                                                                                                              (verbal)
8)   Confidential / In Camera (Report # 8021)
9) Confidential / In Camera Update on Report #08014 (verbal)
9)  Adjournment

 Reports and Appendices

 Report #08016 COR, CHH, Terms of Reference.pdf

 Report_#08016_App_A_terms_of_reference _6_June_3_2008.pdf

Report #08018 Bedbug Board Report June 2008 Final .pdf

Report #08019 April 2008 Variance Report.pdf